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Our product allows vendors to unlock the value of their account receivables data and automate credit checking, payment terms management and cash flow forecasts through our AI based proprietary solution.


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  • Vendors need to capture buyers VAT numbers either for intra EU reporting purposes, domestic invoicing purposes or as part of anti money laundering / know your customer processes.
  • Some authorities offer databases to check VAT number validity (EC VIES system) but to use these you must first have the client's VAT number, and getting that can be the most time consuming part of the process.
  • VAT-Search fills in the blanks when it comes to finding those missing VAT numbers and validating them with the corresponding tax authority.
  • VATiva uses VAT numbers to automatically link your receivables data to the businesses populating our database
VAT number search tool
access to credit risk reports
How to access credit risk reports:
  • buy credits from VATiva
  • Upload your account receivables data in our database, which will grant 1 credit for each 100 lines of transaction data uploaded free of charge.

Credit Risk Report

Sample of a credit risk report
sample of a credit risk report

Uploading your data

You can upload your data via an Excel file:

upload data to VATiva
Or you can automatically send your receivables data to VATiva via a simple API, available from most accounting software.
upload data to VATivaupload data to VATiva

Buyers VAT numbers monitoring

Once you’ve uploaded your buyers receivables data, VATiva regularly checks the validity of your buyers VAT numbers with the local tax authorities and sends you alerts when there is a change in their status.
VAT number monitoring

Account Receivables Dashboard

VAT number monitoring
Once you start uploading your data, VATiva will automatically produce an Accounts Receivable dashboard with the main metrics required to assess the payment performance of your buyers, including aging.
VATiva will calculate Daily sales outstanding, payment delays (Bad DSO) vs actual payment terms (Good DSO), Maximum Peak outstanding, showing the actual exposure per buyer and many other indicators
VAT number monitoring
VAT number monitoring
You will also be able to keep track of the evolution of the payment KPIs of your portfolio or individual buyers over a period of time

Invite a vendor to share credit references for specific buyers directly on VATiva

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About Us

Our main service allows our users to upload their Accounts Receivables data via API in our platform, enabling our algorithms to create a credit score for each business buyer based on their payment behaviour, which will be used to automatically suggest payment terms for each account and to forecast payments of undue invoices/orders, thus automating the cash flow forecasting process.

The data uploaded will be also used to populate a dashboard presenting the main metrics required to assess the performance of the AR portfolio and the real exposure at any given time (Aging, DSO, peak outstanding, risk-based portfolio segmentation, etc), visible to as many users as required by the vendor.

The data acquired is pooled and stripped of the vendor details to create an overall credit score for the individual buyers, used to monitor in real-time the financial health of buyers based on their payment performances with all of their vendors.

In business, we need data to make informed decisions. VATiva provides the most actionable and up to date credit risk insights, directly were required, thanks to our APIs and plug-ins.

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